What are people saying about the Seat Hugger®?


His pad keeps him hugged to the chair just like little suction cups

Just sending you an email to give you an update on how the Seat Hugger pad is working Great!. As you know my father had a stroke 3 years ago and he has lost a lot of his mobility because of it. Your Seat Hugger pad supports him and allows him to sit comfortably in his wheel chair and also we use one on his favorite lazy boy chair. With his condition he is always sliding down the chairs, but now this Seat Hugger pad keeps him hugged to the chair just like little suction cups. I know you just gave me a “sample” when we talked 6 months ago, so I am inquiring when and where I can purchase more. During this tragic illness with my father we have gained new friends and new awareness of this terrible illness “strokes”. I am pleased to support your product because it does work and will help others who are not a physically fits as you and I are. – Dave R.

I can’t wait to use it on his ride on toys

I just love the Seat Hugger® I no longer have to re-adjust Kyngsten in his high chair while feeding him it’s perfect!! I can’t wait to use it on his toys that he sits and rides around on . – Natasha L.

I am now able to sit up straight again!

I am a 45 year old women and I was diagnosed with MS (muscular dystrophy) when I was 24 years old. I have had many trials and tribulations for many years because of this disease so when I was offered to try your product I was more than happy to. After using your product for 3 to 4 weeks I have had some positive things happen. I have lost the ability to be able to sit up straight in my wheelchair and this product Seat Hugger® has made a tremendous change for me. I am now able to sit up straight again! And being able to do that relieves me of tension and back pain I feel so much better thank you for that, this product really helps me from sliding down in my chair which makes me feel so much better!  Thank you so much for a great product! – Samantha McG.

I can’t believe how great it works

Hi my name is sherry and I have many health problems. I have been using your product, The Seat Hugger® for a few months and I can’t believe how great it works. With health problems and being overweight I spend a lot of time at home watching TV. It’s hard for me to sit up properly and I am always sliding down in my chair your product Seat Hugger® works perfect. I have actually fallen asleep many times while watching TV and have woken up in the same position without the stiffness or back pains. Thank you so much! – Sherry C.

My son no longer slips off the seat

Hi my mom picked up a pack of the baby Seat Hugger® from a home show in Brantford. I’ve used it several times in our car seat and booster seat and it works great! But what I really wanted to share with you is I have a push wagon in the shape of a car with a steering wheel that my son loved. But we stopped using it because my son would somehow manage to slip off and hurt himself. This pull toy ended up being a waste of money. I didn’t want to sell it or even give it away knowing that another child could possibly get hurt using it. So when I received the baby Seat Hugger®, I dug out my son’s favorite toy again. It worked great! My son no longer slips off the seat and he got his car back! Amazing product!!! – Sharian C.

Seat Hugger® has given me and my grandson a secure feeling

I just wanted to thank you for the baby Seat Hugger® products. I am a grandmother of a very active three year old boy. I used your peel and stick Seat Hugger on his booster chair and wow it’s great he doesn’t slip or slide down any more. As for the other Seat Hugger® it’s great I use it on his car seat and when going to the park I always take it with me. My grandson is at the age now where he wants to go on the bigger swings I place the Seat Hugger® on it and he doesn’t slip off anymore. Oh and the spring toys at the park they are so slippery but the Seat Hugger® does the job he loves it and so do I. Speaking as a grandmother I have purchased many safety products and your Seat Hugger® product has given me and my grandson a secure feeling I have another grandson on the way and will be using the Seat Hugger® for him as well. – Diane K.

The Seat Hugger has been quite useful

My mom has tried a few seat pad products for her wheelchair, some of which have gel inside, but none of them is as light and easy to use as the Seat Hugger.  Also, it is so easy to clean….the Seat Hugger can be washed quickly with soap and water, dried quickly, and is back in action right away. One of Mom’s daily challenges is that she often slips and slides on the seat of her wheelchair, and then needs assistance to get back into an upright position.  If no one is around, this is particularly problematic. The Seat Hugger has been quite useful for helping her to stay in place.  It is especially useful for when Mom transfers into a regular chair or to the seat of a car, because it is so light and easy to bring along and move around.

We appreciate having it so thanks for making this product! – Kathleen M.

Seat Hugger is perfect for restaurants

I keep my portable Seat Hugger in the car  for my son so he is sitting up properly and I pull the straps tight to make sure he was safe and secure I never thought that it may have been so uncomfortable for him with the restraints done up tight against his stomach and groin area now when I buckle in any restraints I keep it snug but not over tightened and with him sitting up so straight he can see out the car window much better and looks so much happier! when we’re dining out The Seat Hugger works awesome on those restaurant highchairs. Great Investment. Thanks! – Cora S.