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Seat Hugger® for Restaurants

Perfect for the Restaurant with a touch for customer safety!

The Seat Hugger was designed especially for the restaurant industry. Now you can depend on Seat Hugger to help keep children in a more secure upright safer position when dining in your restaurant.

With the Seat Hugger in place and restraints buckled in, the non-slip Seat Hugger will help eliminate that uncomfortable feeling of distress from a child choking on food or beverages caused by improper seating. Restaurant owners can now have peace of mind knowing children are properly seated.

With its peel and stick adhesive you never have to worry about replacement loss. So simple and easy to use, just peel and stick the Seat Hugger to any existing highchair or booster chair in your restaurant.

A happy child is a happy customer!





I keep my portable Seat Hugger in the car for my son so he is sitting up properly and the buckle restraints I keep snug but not over tightened and with him sitting up so straight and perfect he can see out the car window much better and looks so much happier! And when were dinning out The Seat Hugger works awesome on those restaurant boosters and highchairs. Great investment. Thanks!

– Cora S.