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Seat Hugger® for Playgrounds

Seat Hugger is perfect for major theme parks and local parks in your neighborhood or any outdoor activitie. Now you can spend less time propping and readjusting your children when its play time and spend more time having fun with a secure feeing for you and your child.

Weather their on the swing sets spring toys teeter totter or there favorite riding equipment that so many parks have to offer

With Seat hugger in place you can take that perfect picture of your child in a safer upright happier position.





I am a grandmother of a very active three year old boy. I used the peel and stick Seat Hugger® on his booster chair and wow it’s great he doesn’t slip or slide down in his seat anymore! And I use the mobile Seat Hugger when going to the park I place the Seat Hugger® in the bucket swing and what a difference Oh and the spring toys at the park they are so slippery but the Seat Hugger® does the job he loves it and so do I.

– Diane K.