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Seat Hugger® for Children and Infants

Seat Hugger Non-Slip pads are designed to stop children from slipping, sliding and slouching into those unsafe positions during their toddler years while feeding or playing. The Seat Hugger will help keep your child in an upright position and reduce the chance of choking on food or drinks from improper seating.

Eliminate the over tightening of the restraints that causes discomfort around the belly and pelvis area. With Seat Hugger you can reduce over-tightening and give your child room to breathe, resulting in a much happier child. At the same time, Seat Hugger will help improve children’s posture in the early stages.

The Seat Hugger is the best way to keep your young children propped into a safer, upright position! Cut to fit the shape of a child’s bottom for a more custom design fit the Seat Hugger is placed between the child’s bottom and any seating arrangement from highchair to booster seats, strollers, walkers, and riding toys.

Two per package one peel and stick for that favorite placement and one mobile so you can take it anywhere. With its easy portability you can bring one to the park, family events and much more!





I just love the Seat Hugger. I no longer have to re-adjust Kyngsten in his high chair while feeding him, it’s perfect!! I can’t wait to use it on his toys that he sits and rides around on.

– Natasha L.

How Does It Work?

The Seat Hugger® grips both your child’s bottom and the chair preventing them from slipping and sliding in their seat. Available in peel and stick for use at home or non-peel and stick for ultimate portability, you can take it to the restaurant, the park or daycare.

For Use With:

  • High Chairs
  • Car Boosters
  • Swing Seats
  • Strollers
  • Walkers
  • and much more