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Seat Hugger® for Adults

If you sit for any length of time you’re sure to find yourself slouching or sliding on your seat into positions which can lead to discomfort in your muscles and joints. With the Seat Hugger pad, you can prevent slipping and sliding on any surface and ensure you stay in a comfortable, upright safer position.

The Seat Hugger is cut to fit comfortably on dining chairs, wheel chairs or rocking chairs and is portable enough to take to sporting and entertainment events. Simply place your Seat Hugger between any existing chair cushion or chair pad or sit directly on the Seat Hugger pad for maximum non-slip durability.

Seat Hugger for seniors, the disabled and those who lack the strength to keep themselves in an upright position during activity, meal times or just frequent moving around the Seat Hugger provides Posture Support and Safety, with a secure feeling.

Sitting upright is easy with the support of a Seat Hugger pad, eliminating the need for over tightened restraints which can cause indent marks on the belly and pelvis area. Mobile so you can take it anywhere you go.

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How Does It Work?

The Seat Hugger® grips both your bottom and the chair preventing you from slipping and sliding in your seat. Use it virtually anywhere you sit!

For Use With:

  • Dining Chairs
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Rocking Chairs
  • In the Car
Take Seat Hugger® With You:

  • On Planes or Buses
  • To Church
  • To Concerts, Movies or Sports Events
  • At the Office


 My mom has tried a few seat pad products for her wheelchair, some of which have gel inside, but none of them is as light and easy to use as the Seat Hugger.  Also, it is so easy to clean….The Seat Hugger can be washed quickly with soap and water, dried quickly, and is back in action right away. One of Mom’s daily challenges is that she often slips and slides on the seat of her wheelchair, and then needs assistance to get back into an upright position.  If no one is around, this is particularly problematic. The Seat Hugger has been quite useful for helping her to stay in place.  It is especially useful for when Mom transfers into a regular chair or to the seat of a car, because it is so light and easy to bring along and move around.

We appreciate having it so thanks for making this product!