Seat Hugger® for Posture Support and Safety!
for Children and Adults.

For home, for the playground, for daycare or the car, Seat Hugger® ensures that where ever your child is sitting they are sitting up properly.

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How Does Seat Hugger® Work?

Using your Seat Hugger® is as easy as 1 2 3

Step 1

Choose any seating arrangement.

Step 2

Place the Seat Hugger® as illustrated above.  

Step 3

Secure your child as usual. 

Why Seat Hugger®?

  • Seat Hugger® can be placed under any cushion or sat on directly for maximum effectiveness.
  • Seat Hugger® will help keep your child in an upright position and reduce the chance of choking on food or drink from improper seating.
  • Seat Hugger® will help improve your children’s posture in the early stages in life.
  • Seat Hugger® will help eliminate the need for over tightened restraints which causes discomfort around the stomach and pelvis area.
  • Seat Hugger works on wooden plastic vinyl and material seats.
  • Seat Hugger also carries a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects.

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